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My name is Yurii, and I’m a wedding videographer based in Dallas, TX. Originally from Ukraine, my wife and I moved to the USA in 2019.


I’ve always had a desire to create something meaningful for people. Four years ago, I started my wedding videography career, and I fell in love with it.


We truly believe a wedding is more than just an event. That is a celebration of your love! We are here to preserve those precious moments for generations to come!


The best inspiration for me is exploring new places with my wife. We have visited 16 countries, 35 states, and hundreds of cities around the world and look forward to exploring more.

We have filmed over 150 weddings for the past four years all over the US and would be honored to capture your special day! Let’s create something beautiful!


Thomas + Kayla

Our wedding video was nothing short of amazing!


Being able to relive our wedding was so important to us, as the day goes by so fast. Yurii captured all of the beautiful and intimate moments.


Thank you for immortalizing one of the best days of our lives!

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